The Best Fall Fundraiser Ideas Have Great Kickoffs

Why your kickoff is key to a successful fall sale

So what will it take for your school to reach your goal this fall? This is one of the most important questions you can ask. A great place to start is to define your purpose. Once you know that you’ll know how much money you have to raise.

Based on the total funds needed, how much should each student sell? You can’t answer this question until you know the price of your product and what percent profit you get.

What propels your sale forward is purpose and motivation. Communicating these things well with your students will make all the difference. The best fall fundraiser ideas make money because of effective kickoffs.

The kickoff is vital to your success. Your product may be great, but if your message to your students is poor, it won’t matter. You can offer exciting prizes. Your cause may be noble. But if you don’t sell your students on the ‘why’, your sale won’t thrive.

An effective fall fundraiser kickoff helps put the wheels in motion. It ensures you have a good foundation to launch from. So what’s it going to take? How can you be sure you’ll address the essentials at your meeting?

Here are some things to think about as you plan for your fall kickoff meeting.

Fall Fundraiser Ideas for Effective Kickoffs

Transform Students into Sellers

Encouragement and accountability work hand in hand if you want fall fundraising success. It’s hard to have one without the other. You should praise progress whenever possible, but you have to have measurable goals.

Now it’s time to ask a few basic questions in advance of your kickoff meeting. You’ve established a goal for your individual sellers based on the total money needed:

  • Do your students know the process?
  • Do they know how to sell?
  • Who are their target customers?

To succeed, your students need to know what to do. They need to understand basic things like how to collect orders and money, and how long they’ll have to sell.

Make selling easy and fun for your students. We’ve created a proven technique that works for many school groups. The N.O.W. selling method will help your students simplify their sales pitch.

They also need to know who to approach. Have them create a prospect list. These are people they feel will give them the best chance at sales success.

Great Sales Start Quick

Make sure to start strong out of the gate. Believe it or not, most of your sales will happen during the first 3-4 days. It’s critical to get out of the gate fast. Most sponsors offer rewards after the sale is over.

Don’t only offer prizes for total sales made at the end. Consider offering them during your sale as well. Reward students for getting off to a good start.

Maintain Fall Fundraiser Momentum

Don’t stop at establishing momentum, maintain it. Don’t assume students will keep selling because they bought in early. Continue to remind them about working towards their sales goal.

Adding the following may add thousands to your fall fundraiser’s bottom line:

  • Offer incentives during your sale to encourage more selling.
  • Track student progress to ensure everyone’s keeping up.

Fall fundraiser kickoffs can be a lot of work. But they can pay off in spades if you do them right. Selling is a hands-on process that requires as much out of you as you expect from your students.

If you do a good job of inspiring your students, there’s good reason for optimism.

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